eve·ry·here /’evrēˌhir/ (adj) in, at, and to all places; (noun) all places and directions

Art of Everyhere

Everyhere Logistics, an evolution of the Lost Horizon Night Market. Arriving August 2015 – six art teams from the East Coast and six from the West Coast will travel across the country, collaborating with local art communities, using box trucks to create ephemeral pop-up exhibition venues. GET ALL THE DETAILS HERE.

The trucks hitting the road include:

The original Lost Horizon Night Market Noodle Truck
Enjoy Brooklyn-style noodles in a 12 seat restaurant.
Smash Truck
Anger issues? Who has anger issues? You certainly won’t after this truck.
Outerbody Brain Virus
Offering free screenings for a mysterious new brain virus that is infecting people around the country.
24 Foot Studios
A collaborative movie studio allowing participants the chance to act out and film iconic movie scenes.
Everyhere Logistics Junior Rangers
A civic responsibly art prank dedicated to promoting the care and enjoyment of every(w)here you are.
Everyhere Logistics Travel Agency Truck
High pressure bartering  to build a catalogue of local culture, heritage, and institutions.
Kindergarten Truck
Engage your inner child through the magic of play. If you’re good, you might get a treat!
Strip Truck
Are you brave enough to tame the pole?
Tea House Truck
An abandoned tea house on the edge of the Spirit Forest.
Arachnia Patisserie
Jorōgumos invite you to their tea house. But beware of becoming a permanent fixture!


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Dearest supporters, We pulled it off. We spent the month of August arranging all of our curious, powerful, silly and beautiful interactive art installations in the backs of box trucks at Night Markets in seven different cities across America. Participants came, learned, played, smashed, conversed and consumed. We met stupendously smart and impressive folks who… Read More

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I grew up in St. Louis but left nearly 40 years ago. One of the constants in all that time has been Ted Drews frozen custard. From their web site “In 1941, the family opened a second South Side stand which is the current Chippewa location on historic Route 66.” So off to the Chippewa… Read More

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We’ve been doing a lot of driving, a lot of camping, and a lot of sleeping in the car. Here’s some pictures from San Bernardino Nat’l Forest and spots along the road.

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Meow Wolf is an arts production collaborative that produces immersive, multi- media art. Meow Wolf’s complex is located in Sante Fe’s Industrial Creative Zone. They generously hosted our Sante Fe Lost Horizon Night Market on August 8th. Here’s a couple photos from inside of their operation, a work in progress.

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