Everyhere Logistics + SFMOMA at Sunday Streets


We’re pleased to announce that Everyhere Logistics has been commissioned by SFMOMA On the Go Family Programming to bring our West Coast trucks to Sunday Streets this spring. Thrilled, honored, inspired, super duper excited  – a single adjective fails to express how we feel about test driving our art for the residents of the Bay Area.

Why are we so moved: Sunday Streets is free, during the day,  publically accessible, and has a community-minded mission statement.

Interactive art is best when made and presented in the spirit of broad inclusiveness; so here’s to breaking down barriers of participation and having kids, cyclists, picnickers, and small dogs come experience what box truck art is all about!

Want to come visit us at Sunday Streets? Our current schedule is:

*March 8th – the Embarcadero – Emperor Norton’s Mail-In Engineering Academy

*April 12th – the Dogpatch/Bayview – Outerbody Brain Virus Scanning Center

*May 10th – the Mission –  Everyhere Logistics Junior Rangers

*June 14th – the Sunset/Great Highway -HoneyTea House Truck 

Can’t make it to Sunday Streets but are interested in other ways of supporting Everyhere Logistics? Visit our Donation Page for more information on how to share your generosity: monetary, physical or time donations welcome! Take a minute to tell folks about us! Follow us, keep up the conversation or shout about us on Twitter or Facebook.

Much thanks to SFMOMA and our Program Associate Christian Davies. Thanks for believing in our project! We can’t wait to see you at Sunday Streets!

-The West Coast Everyhere Logistics Team

Kasey faxes in our contract

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