EHL Unboxing Video #1–Keychains

Everyhere Logistics is the best little art shipping company around. On that note we are doing a series of unboxing videos. For the uninitiated, unboxing videos are BIG on youtube! Join Tess as she opens boxes and describes their content, no matter how boring or interesting! It takes a lot of little things to make an art project happen, and with six teams on the west coast all sending their packages to Tess you can see the individual components that help the art sausage get made!

Package Review
Company: <redacted, corporate secret>
Outer packaging: 7/10. Functional and durable but unremarkable.
Inner packaging: 7/10. The custom cut piece of cardboard was a nice touch, but otherwise nothing special.
Contents of package: 10/10. These keychains are RAD! My keychain feels significantly cooler.

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