EHL Unboxing Video #2–Junior Ranger Badges

“A soldier will fight long and hard for a bit of colored ribbon.”–Napoleon

Just like Napoleon, the Junior Rangers believe that a little accessory will motivate people to do great things! When starting on this project finding the very best Junior Ranger badges was a big priority. With a bit of search-fu advice from Mark (do an image search), Tess was able to find the same company that manufactures the official badges that the National Park Service Junior Ranger program uses!

Package Review
Company: Stoffel via Chief Supply
Outer packaging: 9/10 Durable, perfect amount of tape. Not too hard to open.
Inner packaging: 9/10 Enough packaging to keep the badges safe.
Contents of package: 100,000,000/10.
Order Process: 10/10. There was a sales reps, faxing and telephones involved! It was quite old fashioned in a way. The sales rep was Nitiya and she was super helpful and nice, she really got a kick out of the description of the project. Looking forward to ordering again!

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