more luck than this humble trucker deserves

“Ferryman, for tea, scoop up those reflections of cherry blossoms.” ~Sakai Hōitsu

this is not a post about how beautiful yesterday was, although it was, it was so damn beautiful. maki and jon played to an entranced audience deep in golden gate park, an ocean breeze salted the trees, while tess served her delicate blends of teas, brewed from flowers beloved of bees. every element of collaboration that went into performing avant garde opera in the back of a boxtruck. i brought honey, i brought 2 of my 3 prototype swarm beehives. honestly, it was the first time i had relaxed in about 3 weeks. sfmoma. EHL. boxtrucks. i’ll tell you all about it once i’ve gathered in a few more pictures.

i was so exhausted last night, and for some reason decided to leave unpacking/ dismantling the boxtruck till this morning. the boxtruck that was full of all the things, both the entire set that sfmoma had bankrolled for EHL to take cross country, as well as the beehives that sloan and cyprus and i have been piecing together for the past year. of course they would be safe locked in a boxtruck in my driveway…

the very same boxtruck that roared to life and peeled away from my driveway at 3 in the morning!!!

i’m an idiot.

the police told me they might find the boxtruck in a few days, abandoned, after it had been used in whatever heist, but my things had probably been thrown out on some dirt road off skyline blvd behind the mountain, told me that i would certainly never see my gear again.

i think i was in too much shock to contemplate the ramifications. my answer was to laugh.

“i didn’t really want to go cross country with EHL anyways, that show today was too beautiful to follow, at least this happened the night after the sfmoma! you know, i still have 1 hive left.”

and then laura spotted my boxtruck parked at lake merrit, on her bike ride to work. looks like the thieves opened the back of the truck, freaked out and ripped up one of my shoji screens, left the rest of it untouched. untouched.

i am the luckiest idiot alive.

Uhaul even gave me a break on the price… “clearly we can’t charge you for the whole time, what about you pay us for 2 days instead of 3?”

“Though I cannot flee
From the world of corruption,
I can prepare tea
With water from a mountain stream
And put my heart to rest.”
~Ueda Akinari

so yes, we found the truck, within hours, intact but for 1 ripped shoji screen. this EveryHereLogistics dances and shakes to it’s own wild tune, spinning and twisting and kicking out story upon story, stories of sorrow and surprise and dreams of coincidence, saving the last dance of the night for chaos and wild joy, there are going to be so many opportunities en route for me to jive the idiot, and maybe even a chance to shake my dancing machine and save a day or 2. donate to the kickstarter now to help dance this show on down the road. donate now so that you will be invited to read my “trucker’s atlas” from here through missouri. i guarantee at least a laugh or 3.…/everyhere-logistics-art-exper…


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