Meet Team East Coast Part 1

Kindergarten Truck—Andrew Gaines, Coco Conroy and Jim Ford

Andrew Gaines_Photo copy-2
Andrew Gaines
Andrew M. Gaines, LCAT, RDT-BCT, PhD Candidate is a licensed creative arts therapist, registered and board-certified trainer of drama therapists, and adjunct professor at New York University — where he is earning his doctorate on applied arts theory and practice. In addition to 10 years of service in private practice and psychiatric hospitals in New York City, he was the Artistic Director of FACES Teen Health Education Theater, and has designed, evaluated, conducted, and trained arts curriculum internationally.
According to Andrew:
“To me, LHNM channels the spirit of carnival into art-activism-therapy. Participating in the Market and creating Kindergarten Truck has transcended merely having fun — it has revolutionized how I experience and understand my city and myself. More than that, I am honored to see how my offering has touched others on personal levels, inspiring some to even create their own performance art.”
Coco Conroy

Coco Conroy loves you.   Not everything about you but the good parts.   Coco is performer in the NY area and would prefer to make you laugh than cry.   Unless you want to laugh ’till you cry,  that would be nice but she’s not THAT good at what she does.   Coco thinks that supporting the arts is the best thing an individual can do with their time in the physical realm.

Jim Ford
E. James Ford

E. James Ford is an performer, writer, and designer based in NYC.  His recent appearances include The Dreary CoastSpeakeasy DollhouseBiter: Everything of Any Value, Lulu’s Dove House, and BitchTwitch: The Taking of Vicki Presh.  As a storyteller, he has performed for the Liar’s League and No, You Tell It!series and one of his performances will soon be broadcast on BBC Radio.  He was a regular on the sci-fi show Pioneer One and he sometimes acts like a doofus in dumb commercials.  Learn more at

Noodle Truck—Mark Krawczuk, Nina t-bone, Tiff Harker and Tod Seelie

Mark Krawzcuk
Mark Krawczuk

Mark is to blame. He did the first Lost Horizon Noodle Truck outside of a Burning Man Decompression in New York long ago, and has been telling everyone they should do one since then. He’s happy for you to take the idea and run with it.

Please get in touch if you want to let Mark use your kitchen to prep the noodle truck as we travel across country. Or want to meet for coffee. Or Pho. Or barbecue. Or just to talk. Goodness knows, that man talks.

T-bone by Tod Seelie
T-bone by Tod Seelie

Raised by artists, Nina aka t-bone, has zero memory of not manipulating any object upon which she puts her grubby little hands. Rife with random skills and information, she shines when challenged- prod her and watch the magick happen.

Tiff Harker
Tiff Harker

Tiff Harker is an accordionist, cyclist and costume designer. She’s lent her incredible talents to more than one project on EhL—see her beautiful kimonos in the Honey Tea Truck, watch her band demonstrate the Tubagrams they are offering for the EhL Kickstarter and stay tuned for glorious tales of her saving the day on the road with her RN skills.

Tod Seelie

Tod Seelie has photographed in over 25 countries on five different continents. He was a founding member of The Miss Rockaway Armada, and continued on to travel by raft with both manifestations of the Swimming Cities. Tod has exhibited work in solo and group shows around the world and his first book of photography, BRIGHT NIGHTS: Photographs of Another New York, was published in 2013 with Prestel Publishing.

Everyhere Logistics Travel Agency—Jonah Levy and E.D.W. Lynch

Photo by Jeff Stark
Photo by Jeff Stark

Jonah Levy received his New York City tour guide license at the age of 19. He began working for his family, the Levys’ Unique New York and began incorporating his history of performance and behind-the-scenes theater experience into the role of the tour guide. In 2011 he began to pursue a career in arts administration and has since performed as the Project Director for the Center for the Holographic Arts, Assistant Director for the (un)SCENE and representation for a select number of artists.

E.D.W Lynch protects the Easter Bunny
E.D.W Lynch protects the Easter Bunny

E.D.W. Lynch is an artist and writer specializing in humorous performance and writing. E.D.W. grew up in a seaside village in Maine, where his penchant for satire and thrift store suits was met with fear and suspicion. In his twenties, during what will eventually be known as his San Francisco Years, E.D.W. became an active member of San Francisco’s prankster underground. The period was marked by a series of street performances by his arsenal of fake organizations–a hapless UN peacekeeping force, secret service elves, and arboreal coroners, among others.  E.D.W.’s writing work includes four years of blogging at Laughing Squid and the humor blog Yelping with Cormac.

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