Meet Team West Coast

Honey Tea Truck Crew—Joshu A. Story DeLeon and Hillary Andujar

photo by akshay sawhney

Joshu A. Story DeLeon is a retired advocate for the developmentally disadvantaged, now a solo gardener and experimental beehive builder at large in the bay area. He sings bass in Conspiracy of Beards, and loves his scifi book club. He is a pivotal figure in the infamous collaborative group redacted who build secret nomadic art galleries / redacted / galactivated theatre / participatory games and wild parties into spaces where you would least expect. redactedredacted …redactedredactedredacted, but really, redacted. He has given himself a title within this organization, redacted, and he is hoping that it will soon catch on.  Often his art is crowd control disguised as ceremony, ceremonies conducted in praise of the ancient gods that he worships, most of whom he made up himself. Joshu plays so well with others.

Joshu has built a roving tea house into the back of a box truck, a meditative space of serenity, constructed to showcase a collection of vibrant kimonos custom made by Tiffany Harker. The first performance held out of his truck was an improv opera in Japanese, set to gongs and tibetan singing bowls, performed by Maki Noguchi and Jonathon DeLeon. He has no interest in creating art that will outlive him, rather he delights to decant the elusive fog of creativity by night, only to watch it evaporate in the morning sun. Often the destruction of his spaces is as much a part of the pieces as their creation. You won’t find his work online. His plan is to use the EHL as a roaming platform, to serve tea with Hillary Andujar, to meet artists across the land, to hold conversations about keeping bees with random beekeepers, and to indulge his addiction to local honey. Bring him your honey. All of it.

cricket hat

Hillary Andujar is a Hungarian/American twin inspired by feasts and odd occurrences. She’s a freelance art director/video artist whose work is dark, quirky, and surreal. Travel, nature and dreams are her favorite things, and she intertwines them all into her creations, embracing the mindset that “she can believe anything provided it is incredible.” Hillary has worked on countless films, commercials and music videos for great people including St. Vincent, Google, Park Pictures, Woody Allen, The Wachowski Siblings, and Tim Burton.

24 Foot Studios—Rick Abruzzo


Rick Abruzzo, proprietor of 24 Foot Studios, has produced events in the Bay Area for over 15 years. He was raised in the  SF Bay Area and had his artistic awaking when he stumbled up the SF Cacophony Society in 2000.

He has since gone on to be the organizer of Urban Golf, Urban Iditarod, 9.8th Fighting Kite Brigade, founding member of SF pirate station Radio Valencia, guest blogger for Laughing Squid, Crew Lead for Burning Man Center Camp Cafe Sound and Stage and alleged member of the Billboard Liberation Front. He currently resides in North Oakland with his spoiled cat, Megatron.

Outerbody Labs—Jason Wilson

The person in the lab coat will see you now
The person in the lab coat will see you now

Did you know there’s a mysterious brain virus spreading throughout the country and that OuterBody Labs is going on the road this summer to help find out how it’s spreading and where people are most at risk? Are you asking yourself, “Why would Jason’s weird psychological introspective sensory hacking game platform participatory art be offering brain virus screenings?” Good question my dear, good question!

It’s because the illness affects the part of the brain where sensory information is synthesized into the cohesive illusion that we are each a singular entity with a unified experience of the world around us. OuterBody Labs is in the business of making meaning through exploring the separability of our sensorium for the sake of putting our subjectivity into perspective.

I know that sounds like a lot of janky jargon and BS, but deep down it’s the truth. We can all use a little experiential reminder that just because we experience something a certain way doesn’t mean it actually is *that way*. Our perspective is always getting in the way and there’s no better way to practice reminding ourselves of this than actually *feeling* it. OuterBody Labs lets people feel it.

I’m Jason Wilson and I fuck with people’s minds for the good of mankind.

Junior Rangers—Tess Aquarium and Aimee Barrington

Tess and all the custom made Junior Ranger Badges
Tess and all the custom made Junior Ranger Badges

Tess Aquarium is an artist, gamer, designer and mermaid living in San Francisco. She spends her time encouraging DIY creativity, DIY glamour, and DIY fun in all that she does: whether she is styling photoshoots, collaborating on immersive performance art pieces or LARPs, making (and wearing) fabulous costumes, mermaid wrangling or leading packs of children and adults in making tutus. She’s known for her fierce attention to detail and extreme devotion to a theme.

She can be found leading a troop of Jr Rangers, running a MPDG LARP Sparkling, ramifying ridiculous etiquette for, or organizing a fabulous picnic for her Prim & Proper Ladies Etiquette Society!

Aimee shooting photos in Joshu Tree
Aimee shooting photos in Joshu Tree

Aimee Barrington was born in Boston, MA, and spent her childhood bouncing back and forth between Southie, western MA, and the South Shore. She has been a National Park Artist in Residence, a photoshop teacher, a production manager, a nonprofit monkey, and a tech startup brat. She enjoys hiphop, knee socks, camping, monster truck rallies, snacks, DIY anything (especially if it’s a bad idea) and the works of Amy Sedaris. With the ass of an angel and the mouth of a sailor, she currently resides in Portland, OR, where she wrestles with referring to herself in the third person.

Admiral Fiesta
Admiral Fiesta

Michael Ryan Garcia, aka Admiral Fiesta, is the organizer of the Decentralized Dance Party, an artist of humourous repute and the instigator behind the Outer Mission drain cover art takeover.

Meg on the Mic

Meg (Verbal) Kensington is a cutthroat street poet, verbal mercenary, and savvy wordsmith, with a strong penchant for cacophony and artistic shenanigans. Her behind-the-scenes background spans the spectrum from business accounting to pyrotechnics, making it hard to categorize her success – however this non-starving artist’s most valued skills include an uncanny knack for organization, the ability to speak unabashedly in the third person, and the precise calculation of road-trip gas mileage. She has also written and published tomes of material – most of which you will likely never read.

Want to get up-close and personal? Read her online journal, here.

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