A Human Pinball Truck

Are you thinking about making a truck for the next Night Market in your local area? Here is a short pictorial guide to making your own pinball game. Hopefully it gives you a little bit of inspiration and a little bit of motivation.


Starting out with the essentials: The truck of course, some sheets of plywood, a dozen 2 x 4’s, some bouncing balls, and don’t forget the floating noodles.

IMG_0700     IMG_0701

Measure once, cut twice

IMG_0710     IMG_0704

     Flipper making time.



IMG_1500     IMG_0746

The elaborate high tech lighting system and soundboard with pinball samples


Safety first


Token shwag for players

IMG_0714     IMG_0720


IMG_0722     IMG_0721

Shouts out to the AP crew for painting the playing field and side walls

J Felts & Big A serious pinball faces
J Felts & Big A in serious thought

Put it all together

Tevya ready to pop out of the Multiball hatch

Below deck


Above deck


Thanks for playing

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