The Trip is Over

Dearest supporters,

We pulled it off. We spent the month of August arranging all of our curious, powerful, silly and beautiful interactive art installations in the backs of box trucks at Night Markets in seven different cities across America. Participants came, learned, played, smashed, conversed and consumed. We met stupendously smart and impressive folks who helped us, hosted us, feasted us and sent us on our way to the next town. And to boot, no one on our team was starved, arrested, killed or defenestrated. There were two somewhat inconsequential trips to the emergency room, but that was no big deal.

Most of us are back in the safety of our homes, wondering how in the world we are supposed to synthesize such an experience and inform the masses of all that we saw. There will be photos on Facebook, sure, but a lot of the passion we built up on our sojourn will be poured back into the Kickstarter rewards that will be coming your way in the next month or two. We are working with a third party application called Backerkit that most of you have already interacted with. Thanks for responding to that survey! For those of you who have not yet responded, we will be following up with you in the coming weeks.

Thanks in advance for your patience, and as always, feel free to ask us anything. We like to talk to human persons.


Mo, one of the amazing friends we made on the road!

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