Route 66, Rainbows, and Abandoned Trading Posts

Meow Wolf Teaser!

Meow Wolf is an arts production collaborative that produces immersive, multi- media art. Meow Wolf’s complex is located in Sante Fe’s Industrial Creative Zone. They generously hosted our Sante Fe Lost Horizon Night Market on August 8th. Here’s a couple photos from inside of their operation, a work in progress.

Nomadic Artistry: Living Out of a Pickup Truck with Style, Pt 4

Featuring: Salton Sea, Mercey Hot Springs, BLM land, and a sunset. Thanks to the Salton Sea, I now have a staunch respect for large birds (read: fear). What can I say, life is full of peril. And fun! SO much fun. Also, smells. I’m a very olfactory person, and well, the Salton Sea is not… Read More