Glitter Manifesto Unboxing with Morgan Mayhem and Arlen Abraham

Glitter bombing has been done before – but not well. Anyone can fill an envelope full of craft glitter and mail it to their frenemies. Where is the critical engagement with the medium? The commentary on the shimmer abjectness of late stage American capitalism as it relates to the art market? THE CONCEPTUAL RIGOR? So here… Read More

Box Trucks As Arts Infrastructure

By Kasey Smith What is artistic infrastructure? Is it something we can we map with schematics and diagrams; trace a map of all the white walls, track lights, picture hangers, and pedestals that comprise our creative lives? Could we use that to chart a course towards prosperity – turn left at the DIY art collective,… Read More

24 Foot Studios – Lights, Cellphone Camera, ACTION!

By Rick Abruzzo Part 1 – A box truck is born How does anyone come up with a Lost Horizon Night Market truck idea? I was inspired to build this project by the movie Be Kind Rewind starring Yaslin Bey (frmly Mos Def) and Jack Black as two hapless video store employees who inadvertently erase… Read More

Announcing Fiscal Sponsorship

We’re proud to announce that Everyhere Logistics is now a sponsored project of Flux Factory, a non‐profit arts organization based in New York. ” Flux Factory is a non-profit art organization that supports and promotes emerging artists through exhibitions, commissions, residencies, and collaborative opportunities. Flux Factory is guided by its passion to nurture the creative… Read More

See the Outerbody Brain Virus Scanning Center in San Francisco on April 12th

Health officials and computer security professionals have discovered a new brain virus that erodes the ability to merge sensory information, resulting in a debilitating fragmentation of self. Since this syndrome has been disproportionately impacting cities with higher than average concentrations of technology workers, smart phone users, and video game fans – OuterBody Labs is dispatching… Read More