The Trip is Over

Dearest supporters, We pulled it off. We spent the month of August arranging all of our curious, powerful, silly and beautiful interactive art installations in the backs of box trucks at Night Markets in seven different cities across America. Participants came, learned, played, smashed, conversed and consumed. We met stupendously smart and impressive folks who… Read More

Summer Road Trip Podcast Suggestions

After the weeks and weeks of working and coordinating the Kickstarter for EhL I was DONE with planning anything. I decided to skip camping and stay home to focus on relaxing, catching up on life and sleeping as much as possible. On Friday before the holiday weekend Mark sent an email with an itinerary of activities… Read More

Meet Team East Coast Part 2

Smash Truck–Dirby and Maxwell Cohn Dirby, under the auspices of Gentleman’s Necromancy, works primarily with neglected and rescued materials. His work thematically explores the rebirth of the dead and discarded by giving new meaning and life to oft-forgotten objects and spaces. Like the ghosts that live inside his pieces, Dirby thrives behind the scenes; his… Read More

Meet Team East Coast Part 1

Kindergarten Truck—Andrew Gaines, Coco Conroy and Jim Ford Andrew M. Gaines, LCAT, RDT-BCT, PhD Candidate is a licensed creative arts therapist, registered and board-certified trainer of drama therapists, and adjunct professor at New York University — where he is earning his doctorate on applied arts theory and practice. In addition to 10 years of service in private… Read More

Meet Team West Coast

Honey Tea Truck Crew—Joshu A. Story DeLeon and Hillary Andujar Joshu A. Story DeLeon is a retired advocate for the developmentally disadvantaged, now a solo gardener and experimental beehive builder at large in the bay area. He sings bass in Conspiracy of Beards, and loves his scifi book club. He is a pivotal figure in… Read More