Meet Team East Coast Part 2

Smash Truck–Dirby and Maxwell Cohn Dirby, under the auspices of Gentleman’s Necromancy, works primarily with neglected and rescued materials. His work thematically explores the rebirth of the dead and discarded by giving new meaning and life to oft-forgotten objects and spaces. Like the ghosts that live inside his pieces, Dirby thrives behind the scenes; his… Read More

Meet Team West Coast

Honey Tea Truck Crew—Joshu A. Story DeLeon and Hillary Andujar Joshu A. Story DeLeon is a retired advocate for the developmentally disadvantaged, now a solo gardener and experimental beehive builder at large in the bay area. He sings bass in Conspiracy of Beards, and loves his scifi book club. He is a pivotal figure in… Read More

Nomadic Artistry: Living Out of a Pickup Truck with Style, Pt 4

Featuring: Salton Sea, Mercey Hot Springs, BLM land, and a sunset. Thanks to the Salton Sea, I now have a staunch respect for large birds (read: fear). What can I say, life is full of peril. And fun! SO much fun. Also, smells. I’m a very olfactory person, and well, the Salton Sea is not… Read More

Nomadic Artistry: Living Out of a Pickup Truck with Style, Pt 3

Installment 3: pitbulls, polka dots, windmills, and hang gliders. The pitbull’s named Maggie May, if you were curious. Click the pictures for gallery! Back Story: Two of the Junior Ranger truck women recently went on a SoCal road trip to Joshua Tree, Slab City, and the Salton Sea. We lived out of a Nissan Frontier, cooked all… Read More

Paint Your Face: A Teaser!

A new installment of Nomadic Artistry, Living Out of a Truck with Style will be up soon. I’ve been slacking thanks to work. In the meantime, here’s a photo teaser of Tess Aquarium doing Papa Jimmy’s makeup in Slab City. Isn’t he beautiful? How do YOU get glam on the weekends? Looking glitzy, feeling tipsy?!!!