During the month of August 2015, ten teams of artists – six starting from New York and four starting from San Francisco – will travel to a new city each weekend to attend the local Lost Horizon Night Markets – an open source creative platform wherein artists create interactive experiences inside box trucks and showcase them in late night guerilla pop-up exhibitions.


The larger purpose is to explore the contours of America’s creative diaspora; theorizing that increased creative flow between geographic regions can lead to stronger arts practices, partnerships, and communities. Centering on the accessibility, modularity, and relative invisibility of the standard box truck.

Within the loose Lost Horizon Night Market organizational framework of :

  • Personal (Amateur / Word of Mouth)
  • Interactive Or Experience Based
  • Utilizing Public Space
  • Utilizing Temporary, Affordable Infrastructure
  • Crossing Boundaries / Creating Purchase
  • Festive
  • Temporary, but Regular
  • Free to Attend

Cities with differing relationships to their urban landscape and creative communities have given their own spin to the Lost Horizon Night Market format; favoring different types of interaction design and exhibition strategies. New York favors using dead end industrial alleyways; Detroit fenced parking lots. Boston builds intellectual, tech driven trucks; San Francisco “bait and switch” experiences.

With this diversity of cities and creative tactics, there arose an opportunity to link the Lost Horizon Night Markets and create a cultural exchange by sending artists to participate in, and learn from, one another’s cities.

The core of Everyhere Logistics will revolve around ten box truck teams; six from New York and four from San Francisco. During the month of August, these teams will travel across the US, collaborating with local art communities to produce a Lost Horizon Night Market in a different city each weekend. Meeting in the approximate middle of the country, the two routes will then join forces and return to the San Francisco Bay Area on September 1st.  While subject to change, the current route will be: WellHelloThere, CleverFolk, WhatdYouExpect?, ButThanks, ForTheInterest. [REDACTED]

The reasons we want to do this: real innovation comes from solving novel problems, and real creative opportunities are found when people look at things through new perspectives. Making art outside one’s direct creative community or learning to reimagine public streets as malleable, open source public assets is utilizing new perspectives. Extending an invitation for strangers to come play on your creative home turf or reimagining your artistic practice inside the constraints of a box truck is a novel problem. We want to encourage artists and participants alike to face these scenarios and say, “I could do that! Where do I sign up! Forget your signup sheet, I’ll do this my way!” 

By attracting innovators, makers, and explorers looking to expand the possibilities of the creative city and interactive art in this manner, we strive to create a dynamic, sustainable, and national pump for creative cultural exchange.

Everyhere Logistics – coming to every here near you in August of 2015.