Everyhere Logistics is fiscally sponsored through Flux Factory, an official 501 (c)(3) nonprofit. With your tax-deductible donation, you can get us going!

All donations to Everyhere Logistics go to artists and their projects: fostering community and civic engagement through art, and perpetuating an inclusive artistic community around the Lost Horizon Night Market and beyond.

The primary push of the fundraising is to support the “critical mass” of trucks –  6 trucks from the East Coast and 4 trucks from the West Coast, all with crews of around three people (around 30 people total) who have committed a month to the project.

The primary drivers of cost for us are vehicle rental, gas, food and lodging.

Monetary Donations

Monetary donations to Everyhere Logistics will go directly to project expenses, and are fully tax deductible, as we are sponsored through a 501 (c)(3) charity, Flux Factory.

Want to send some money our way? Please contact info@everyherelogistics.com to discuss tax deductible monetary donations.

You can also send us money through PayPal:

Donate Button with Credit Cards


In-Kind Donations

If you are interested in donating supplies or equipment please contact us at info@everyherelogistics.com


  • Leads on long distance and local truck rental along our route (Anybody know someone at Penske or U-haul? Or a good local business who may want to give us a hand?)
  • Car rental or people willing to drive us from city to city
  • Fuel / Gas cards
  • Lodging and hospitality along our route (Want to meet us for a picnic? Want to let us camp in your back yard?)
  • Groceries or garden produce
  • Unused frequent flyer points or discounts at hotels
  • Printing and signage
  • Construction materials
  • Event support, including Port-A-Johns
  • Documentation support and cameras
  • Communication equipment (tablets, laptops, wearable communication devices, connectivity)

Time Donations

Want to meet up with us? Please contact info@everyherelogistics.com and we can meet up!

  • We’d love to be shown around a city!
  • Mechanically inclined and interested in helping out with something that inevitably breaks?
  • Licensed massage therapist or acupuncturist who wants to help out with some of the car strain?
  • Want to help us run a truck at a Lost Horizon Night Market?
  • Want to ride along on the route with your own Lost Horizon Night Market truck for part of the route?

Media Help

Know anyone who’d like to write about us or have us speak? Connections to speaking engagements or to people who may want to write about our project, our art, or our team would be invaluable.

Please let us know at info@everyherelogistics.com.

Take a minute to tell folks about us! Follow us, keep up the conversation or shout about us on Twitter or Facebook.


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