Nomadic Artistry: Living Out of a Pickup Truck with Style, Pt 2

Here’s photo installment Pt 2, featuring desert cacti, The Regurgitator, sweeping vistas, and butts. Well, one butt. Click for gallery!   Back Story: Two of the Junior Ranger truck women recently went on a SoCal road trip to Joshua Tree, Slab City, and the Salton Sea. We lived out of a Nissan Frontier, cooked all of… Read More

Box Trucks As Arts Infrastructure

By Kasey Smith What is artistic infrastructure? Is it something we can we map with schematics and diagrams; trace a map of all the white walls, track lights, picture hangers, and pedestals that comprise our creative lives? Could we use that to chart a course towards prosperity – turn left at the DIY art collective,… Read More

“I could care less if you had a good time.” – Mark Krawczuk Takes Over Our Newsletter for an Impassioned Kickstarter Request.

This is from our newsletter. Sign up here: All, TL;DR: We have a Kickstarter. We have LOTS OF FUN STUFF. And we need your money to make Everyhere Logistics happen. Let’s party! TUBAGRAMS! PALM READINGS! CUTE CATS AND DOGS! ###MORE THINGS###  LONG VERSION “Whether you are citizens of America or citizens of the world,… Read More

The Everyhere Logistics Travel Agency’s First Trip

The Everyhere Logistics Travel Agency will be sending people out of their comfort zone and into adventures in cities around the country. Participants can win a fully customized travel experience by helping the Agency build a database of local culture, heritage and institutions across America. Jonah Levy is the proprietor of this truck and Lead Agent,… Read More

EHL Unboxing Video #2–Junior Ranger Badges

“A soldier will fight long and hard for a bit of colored ribbon.”–Napoleon Just like Napoleon, the Junior Rangers believe that a little accessory will motivate people to do great things! When starting on this project finding the very best Junior Ranger badges was a big priority. With a bit of search-fu advice from Mark… Read More