Nomadic Artistry: Living Out of a Pickup Truck with Style, Pt 3

Installment 3: pitbulls, polka dots, windmills, and hang gliders. The pitbull’s named Maggie May, if you were curious. Click the pictures for gallery! Back Story: Two of the Junior Ranger truck women recently went on a SoCal road trip to Joshua Tree, Slab City, and the Salton Sea. We lived out of a Nissan Frontier, cooked all… Read More

Paint Your Face: A Teaser!

A new installment of Nomadic Artistry, Living Out of a Truck with Style will be up soon. I’ve been slacking thanks to work. In the meantime, here’s a photo teaser of Tess Aquarium doing Papa Jimmy’s makeup in Slab City. Isn’t he beautiful? How do YOU get glam on the weekends? Looking glitzy, feeling tipsy?!!!

Glitter Manifesto Unboxing with Morgan Mayhem and Arlen Abraham

Glitter bombing has been done before – but not well. Anyone can fill an envelope full of craft glitter and mail it to their frenemies. Where is the critical engagement with the medium? The commentary on the shimmer abjectness of late stage American capitalism as it relates to the art market? THE CONCEPTUAL RIGOR? So here… Read More