Glitter Manifesto Unboxing with Morgan Mayhem and Arlen Abraham

Glitter bombing has been done before – but not well. Anyone can fill an envelope full of craft glitter and mail it to their frenemies. Where is the critical engagement with the medium? The commentary on the shimmer abjectness of late stage American capitalism as it relates to the art market? THE CONCEPTUAL RIGOR? So here… Read More

“I could care less if you had a good time.” – Mark Krawczuk Takes Over Our Newsletter for an Impassioned Kickstarter Request.

This is from our newsletter. Sign up here: All, TL;DR: We have a Kickstarter. We have LOTS OF FUN STUFF. And we need your money to make Everyhere Logistics happen. Let’s party! TUBAGRAMS! PALM READINGS! CUTE CATS AND DOGS! ###MORE THINGS###  LONG VERSION “Whether you are citizens of America or citizens of the world,… Read More