Box Trucks As Arts Infrastructure

By Kasey Smith What is artistic infrastructure? Is it something we can we map with schematics and diagrams; trace a map of all the white walls, track lights, picture hangers, and pedestals that comprise our creative lives? Could we use that to chart a course towards prosperity – turn left at the DIY art collective,… Read More

“I could care less if you had a good time.” – Mark Krawczuk Takes Over Our Newsletter for an Impassioned Kickstarter Request.

This is from our newsletter. Sign up here: All, TL;DR: We have a Kickstarter. We have LOTS OF FUN STUFF. And we need your money to make Everyhere Logistics happen. Let’s party! TUBAGRAMS! PALM READINGS! CUTE CATS AND DOGS! ###MORE THINGS###  LONG VERSION “Whether you are citizens of America or citizens of the world,… Read More