Meet Team West Coast

Honey Tea Truck Crew—Joshu A. Story DeLeon and Hillary Andujar Joshu A. Story DeLeon is a retired advocate for the developmentally disadvantaged, now a solo gardener and experimental beehive builder at large in the bay area. He sings bass in Conspiracy of Beards, and loves his scifi book club. He is a pivotal figure in… Read More

Nomadic Artistry: Living Out of a Pickup Truck with Style, Pt 4

Featuring: Salton Sea, Mercey Hot Springs, BLM land, and a sunset. Thanks to the Salton Sea, I now have a staunch respect for large birds (read: fear). What can I say, life is full of peril. And fun! SO much fun. Also, smells. I’m a very olfactory person, and well, the Salton Sea is not… Read More

Nomadic Artistry: Living Out of a Pickup Truck with Style, Pt 3

Installment 3: pitbulls, polka dots, windmills, and hang gliders. The pitbull’s named Maggie May, if you were curious. Click the pictures for gallery! Back Story: Two of the Junior Ranger truck women recently went on a SoCal road trip to Joshua Tree, Slab City, and the Salton Sea. We lived out of a Nissan Frontier, cooked all… Read More

Paint Your Face: A Teaser!

A new installment of Nomadic Artistry, Living Out of a Truck with Style will be up soon. I’ve been slacking thanks to work. In the meantime, here’s a photo teaser of Tess Aquarium doing Papa Jimmy’s makeup in Slab City. Isn’t he beautiful? How do YOU get glam on the weekends? Looking glitzy, feeling tipsy?!!!